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Pivot Cycles Firebird 29 Pro X0 AXS Air (Alloy Wheels)

Pivot Cycles Firebird 29 Pro X0 AXS Air (Alloy Wheels)
  • Color: Glacial Green Metallic
  • Color: Orange
  • Color: Silver Sunrise
Color: Glacial Green Metallic
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Enduro courses. World Cup Downhill courses. It's hard to tell the difference between the two these days. Well, right up until the point when you have to grind your way to the top of the absolute hairball descent-that would be enduro. And that is also where the new Firebird 29 enters the picture-with its speed generating 29er wheels and a penchant for kicking ass. The Firebird 29's big wheels gobble up miles with ease, roll right over the gnar and add insane levels of traction to the mix. But this is no monster truck. The Firebird 29 is a lightweight machine that boasts a poppy, lively feel that long-travel 29ers have never possessed. Until now.

Playful Yet Stable
The Firebird 29 features a long front center, short chainstays, a low center of gravity and a decidedly slack 65-degree head angle to deliver unmatched stability and handling. Plus, a new flip-chip adjustment system in its upper linkage offers quick and easy geometry fine tuning. Taking a page from the Phoenix DH Carbon's progressive geometry, the Firebird combines some of the longest reach measurements in the sport, with short, 16.96" (431mm) chainstays. The Firebird's long and low geometry gives you increased stability at high speeds and on steep technical challenges, while its short chainstays provide a maneuverable, dynamic ride that makes it easy to put the bike precisely where you want it.

The Bomb-Proof Bantam Weight
The Firebird 29 has a lot to live up to. On one hand, it needs to withstand repeated pummelings at bike parks and on the toughest trails. It has to be bomb proof. On the other hand, it also needs to be incredibly light-this bike is meant to give you an edge on the climbs. Since a 29er wheelset inherently packs more grams than the same wheelset in a smaller, 27.5 diameter, we knew there couldn't be any fat on the Firebird 29 frame. So, we made it both bomb proof and lean. Thanks to our own hollow-core, high-compression carbon molding process and an exacting combination of composite materials and shapes, we are able to deliver an ultra-light frame that meets the same stringent testing requirements for strength and stiffness as our World Cup downhill bike. Firebird frames weigh in at a mere 7 pounds (3.2kg) while complete bikes tip the scales at sub-30 pounds(13.5kg).

Geometry Chart:
High BBSmallMediumLargeX-Large
A Seat Tube Length (C-T) 37.5 cm 41 cm 44 cm 47 cm
B Top Tube Length 59.7 cm 62.3 cm 64 cm 66.4 cm
C Head Tube Length 9.5 cm 10.8 cm 11.8 cm 12.8 cm
D Head Tube Angle 64.6° 64.6° 64.6° 64.6°
E Seat Tube Angle (Eff.) 76.5° 77.0° 77.5° 77.5°
F Chainstay Length 43 cm 43.3 cm 43.7 cm 44.4 cm
G Bottom Bracket Height 35.6 cm 35.6 cm 35.6 cm 35.6 cm
H Bottom Bracket Drop 1.42 cm 1.42 cm 1.42 cm 1.42 cm
I Standover 66.7 cm 67.8 cm 69.9 cm 70.9 cm
Wheelbase 120.6 cm 123.7 cm 126.6 cm 129.9 cm
Reach 45 cm 47.3 cm 49.3 cm 51.5 cm
Stack 61.2 cm 62.4 cm 63.3 cm 64.2 cm
Geometry Chart:
Low BBSmallMediumLargeX-Large
A Seat Tube Length (C-T) 37.5 cm 41 cm 44 cm 47 cm
B Top Tube Length 59.8 cm 62.4 cm 64.1 cm 66.5 cm
C Head Tube Length 9.5 cm 10.8 cm 11.8 cm 12.8 cm
D Head Tube Angle 64.0° 64.0° 64.0° 64.0°
E Seat Tube Angle (Eff.) 76.0° 76.5° 77.0° 77.0°
F Chainstay Length 43.1 cm 43.4 cm 43.8 cm 44.5 cm
G Bottom Bracket Height 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm
H Bottom Bracket Drop 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
I Standover 66.2 cm 67.2 cm 69.3 cm 70.4 cm
Wheelbase 120.7 cm 123.9 cm 126.7 cm 130 cm
Reach 44.5 cm 46.8 cm 48.8 cm 51 cm
Stack 61.5 cm 62.7 cm 63.6 cm 64.5 cm

Specs not provided by mfg. Call us for details.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Glacial Green Metallic / Small 196338001243 00F9CV329AXOB--GGMSMDRPFN
Glacial Green Metallic / Medium 196338001212 00F9CV329AXOB--GGMMDDRPFN
Glacial Green Metallic / Large 196338001182 00F9CV329AXOB--GGMLGDRPFN
Glacial Green Metallic / X-Large 196338001274 00F9CV329AXOB--GGMXLDRPFN
Orange / Small 196338001526 00F9CV329AXOB--ORGSMDRPFN
Orange / Large 196338001465 00F9CV329AXOB--ORGLGDRPFN
Orange / X-Large 196338001557 00F9CV329AXOB--ORGXLDRPFN
Silver Sunrise / Small 196338110501 00F9CV329AXOB--SSRSMDRPFN
Silver Sunrise / Medium 196338110471 00F9CV329AXOB--SSRMDDRPFN
Silver Sunrise / Large 196338110440 00F9CV329AXOB--SSRLGDRPFN
Silver Sunrise / X-Large 196338110532 00F9CV329AXOB--SSRXLDRPFN